Hey, I’m Sarah! Daughter of God, Mother, wife, blogger, Facebook addict and… over thinker. I love nothing more than to write. So that’s what I do… I write daily and if you've been following me for a time on my website or social media pages, then you know that well.

If I'm not doing blog posts, Facebook or writing books, then I'm journaling or trying to get my teenagers to hang out with me. If that doesn’t work, I try baking but it often doesn’t look the way it should. You see, this mind of mine never quiets and I’m always needing to do something… I feel deep, I think about everything and more often than not it's emotion over logic that generally wins.

Here’s the truth…I want to journey with you and do it without the filter. I am not the “perfect Christian.” I spend my days with a messy bun, make up free face, leggings and an oversized shirt of some sort. I’m a terrible cook, but love baking shows. An introvert mistaken for an extrovert because I can talk the ears of anyone and… I won’t pretend to be someone I’m not.

I started this place from my heart and I write from that place. Sometimes it may resonate with you, sometimes it might be challenging to read. But it’s my truth and it comes from an honest place of searching, growing, wading through the trials and rising from the ashes.

I don’t want you to feel alone on this journey or question if you’re the only one who doesn’t have it altogether while everyone around you is looking and living an instagram worthy life. I certainly don’t and I’ll never pretend to be that. So if you’re a kindred and want someone to walk beside, then journey with me…

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This IS my full-time job, this space right here, which I'm so blessed with and grateful to have. Supporting this page blesses me and keeps me writing for the Lord and encouraging His children. And I think you’ll find quite a few “me too” moments. Because this life can be hard, filled with winding roads, mountains to climb, storms to face and joy to be found in the chaos. And I will face them all with a God who never leaves me. Even if it is a little messy.

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Bringing home the truth that you are always seen by God, even in the hurt, the wilderness and the loneliness. Journey with me right here and meet me in the honest, unfiltered words and thoughts I pen...


S Tomlinson

Just love to write about faith and random facts. We should always find something to smile about in life!